intzero | integrate in zero time


High Performance

We combine expertise in software development and technology coupled with a keep-it-simple philosophy to deliver high-performance and low-latency applications.


User Friendly

We provide easy-to-use and powerful tools to facilitate and streamline even most challenging tasks. We are open to feedback and willing to improve our products based on customers suggestions.



We designed our sophisticated products highly customizable to fulfill most business models and also be intuitive for all categories of users.


We offer a variety of products and integrative solutions, that help our customers meet their business objectives:

Multi Account Manager

Multi Account Manager application allows fund managers and portfolio managers to control multiple trading accounts from one place by using one master trading account.

Cryptoz Gateway

Cryptoz Gateway enables secure access to major crypto currency exchanges. Fast and easy way to connect MT4® and MT5® trading platforms to the crypto markets.

Risk Management

Riskman does real-time monitoring, automation and protection against stale prices and/or abusive traders. It offers a powerful and highly customizeable alerts system.


We help our customers implement business requirements, faster.